Transcell’s vision is to become the global leading enterprise for the discovery and development of targeted

  1. Anti-cancer treatments that improve survival rates, quality of life for cancer patients.
  2. Neurological ailments
  3. Autoimmune disorders

By leveraging insights from it’s innovative capabilities in both donor and patient derived stem cell repository creation, integrating the regenerative medicine and drug discovery applications of the cell based platforms. The Company has created a cohesive research and development inspired ecosystem that:

Creates stem cell repository

Develops cell based platforms for both therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications

Facilitates advanced regenerative medicine tools to treat debilitating diseases of the mankind

Delivers novel, patient-based, screening methods to discover druggable molecules



It’s uniquely orchestrated positioning accelerates the global drug discovery, which in turn can generate verticals that are personalized to address unmet needs of suffering patients.

In less than four years of operations in India, Transcell has developed five novel discovery platforms, which have matured into business interests in both Regenerative Medicine and Drug discovery domains.

Transcell is a privately held technology intensive biotech company supported through it’s family stem cell banking revenues, building capacities and capabilities of global standing with operational and strategic independence. Transcell is built upon a self-sustainable model, growing IP portfolio to commercialize the intellectual contributions made to the drug discovery industry.