Transcell Biolife - Your next generation Biobank

About Us

Our Story

Transcell has been on an epic ride ever since it's operations started in 2011. From the group's beginnings as an R&D unit with the central theme of translating adult stem cell technologies into real time applications, the biotech is striving to stay true to our core beliefs - Purpose driven, Real time application oriented delivery; an exceptional experience for our stakeholders, who are clients and investors

Our in-house R&D direction aligned with global advancements has helped us to redefine, reposition Transcell Biolife’s biobanking offerings to serve it’s purpose: facilitating personalized, precision medicine since 2017. Biolife has built capacities to store donor and patients’ clinical grade progenitor cellular platforms, microphysiological systems, derived genetic material, acquired omics data finding applications in both standard care and clinical research. Today Biolife has the integrated offerings personalizing cell transplantations, treating blood and related cancers


To be able to facilitate next generation personalizing medicine options from the repository


To offer Transformative Medicinal applications from a next generation Biobank in and from India


i) High quality services and offerings spun out of original research
ii) Excellence in customer care
iii) Trust by following strict code of ethics and practices
iv) Value proposition through affordability
v) Continuous science, research education to increase public awareness of biomedical technological advancements

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