Transcell Biolife - Your next generation Biobank

Fully compliant with the global biobanking norms

The process has three distinct segments

  • 1st Segment:
    Quality Check to know the viability of the cells followed by the process involving formulating with clinical grade standardized non-toxic cryoprotectant. The formulation in the cryo bags is subjected to controlled rate freezing to gradually decrease the temperature of the solution. From here, the barcoded cryobags are stored in the Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) vaporized vessel. Automatic controller helps in setting the LN2 levels in the vessel to maintain the temperatures at -196 degree C.
  • 2nd Segment:
    Is all about the periodic monitoring of cryostored samples. Transcell facilities of cryostorage are backed up with uninterrupted power sources in 24/7 monitored designated areas.
  • 3rd Segment:
    Is about the retrieval process to release the cryostored sample for the intended application.
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