Transcell Biolife - Your next generation Biobank


ScellCare serves families with pregnant women.

ScellCare is: Collection of Umbilical cord biosample, Processing to collect enriched stem cell component, Acquisition of progenitor cellular genomics information to generate predictive health signatures, cryopreserving stem cell units for intended applications. Collection of biosample is non-invasive, painless, and poses no risk to the donor. The predictive health signatures read donor specific profile as a report while the cryopreserved stem cell component (Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal stem cells) is worth to address 40 medical conditions with over 72 potential disease targets. Stem cell genomics analyzes the genome of stem cells to predict predisposition to both genetic and lifestyle related disorders.

BioBanking Procedure

Collection and Process


Client gets enrolled by choosing the right plan

Sample Collection

The Sample is collected in a special kit and transported to our lab where the processing begins at the earliest


The recieved sample is tested for transmissible disease, viz, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, VDRL & MP


The Sample is processed using our proprietary technology and the stem cells are isolated from Umbilical Cord

Quality Assurance

Before cryopreservation, the stem cells are subjected to quality control analysis for count and viability


Before cryopreservation, they are frozen @ the rate of 1o C per minute till they reach - 150o C after that a qualtiy check-ins performed and they are cryopreserved

Cryo Storage

The Stem Cells are stored in imported cryo containers with Data logging for recording temperatures and Liquid Nitrogen back up systems

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