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ToothScell is service product offering Tooth pulp Stem Cell related

  • Dental stem cells are adult stem cells found in wisdom teeth and baby teeth. Dental stem cells are part of a group of adult stem cells know as "mesenchymal stem cells” and have the ability to differentiate into bone, dental tissue, cartilage, muscle, neural and other cell types
  • They are being studied for applications in regenerative medicine and dentistry
  • there have been over 2000 clinical trials that have been done or are taking place regarding stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • There are a significant number of applications that are being studied using stem cells that include: Type 1 diabetes, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, bone loss, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease,neural injuries, and cancers (Leukemia, Lymphoma)

Collection and Process


Client gets enrolled by choosing the right plan; OPG will be analyzed to proceed

Sample Collection

The Sample is collected in a special kit and transported to our lab where the processing begins at the earliest

Post Screening

Post screening, the dental pulp will be extracted from the tooth with special equipment in the clean room adhering to international standards of sterility


The Sample is processed using our proprietary technology and the stem cells are isolated from Tooth Pulp

Quality Assurance

Before cryopreservation, the stem cells are subjected to quality control analysis for count viability, purity and potency


Before cryopreservation, they are frozen @ the rate of 1o C per minute till they reach - 150o C after that a qualtiy check ins performed and they are cryopreserved

Cryo Storage

The Stem Cells are stored in imported cryo containers with Data logging for recording temperatures and Liquid Nitrogen back up systems